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Where are you located? Do you deliver puppies out of state?

We are located in Pelzer, South Carolina just outside of Greenville. Yes! We can deliver puppies out of state either we drive the puppy to you  or we will fly it to you. A flight nanny will fly in a cabin with your puppy and bring them to your local airport. Cost for this service is the cost of the ticket/pet carrier airline fee = $300.  If you would rather fly here to get your puppy, you can come and pick him up at my home. We will personally drive the puppy to you for .50 cents per mile + $20 per hour driving. (pending family schedule)


How do you determine the size of your puppies full grown? 

We determine the size of our puppies by taking the average weight between the mom and the dad and giving you a 6-8 lb weight range. Although there is no guarantee they will fall in this range, this is a good rule of thumb in determining size of puppies! For example if we have a 15 lb dad and a 21 lb mom, the average size between those parents is 18lbs. We then would give the range of 14-22 lbs for that litter size. We do our very best to give you an accurate size for your puppy, however on occassion, sometimes a puppy may be slightly larger or smaller than the estimated size given for the litter. When advertising a litter you will see the terms "petite", and "mini" next to our doodles. This will give you an idea of the size of these puppies full grown. Petite size puppies are more in the 15-23 lb range where minis (25-35 lbs) are the larger size Minature Doodles that we offer. Again we can not guarantee the size of any puppy. We do our absolute best though to give you an accurate guess. Remember genetics plays a factor! Everyone knows a family member who is crazy tall and then find a great-uncle the same size. ha!

Why pick Red Barn Mission Farm over another breeder?

The biggest difference is our family and why we started this adventure (see the "About" section). Another difference is what we put INTO the program. There are other breeders with health tested parents and good looking dogs as well. We know because we have bought 9 dogs from other breeders! But there were areas that we saw lacking and have incorporated them into our program. As far as the puppies go, hours upon hours (and sleep LOST) by all 12 of us in the house are used in helping with each litter. These dogs are handled, trained, played with and stared at with heart-eyes all day. We've bought puppies that have been HORRIBLE night sleepers from the beginning and didn't have a clue where to go potty when we got them. We spend time in making sure the transition for YOU is better. Also we try to go above and beyond in customer service/communication. Goldendoodle breeders get constant messages and emails but we still try to keep our families in the loop. Besides constant pictures and updates on Instagram there's a whole lot of behind the scenes texts and personal messages to our buyers. Actually we are pretty friendly go ahead, give us a try. 


Why are Minidoodles more expensive than Standard size?

This is a great question! These dogs have been slowly bred down to this size over generations (that's why the puppies are multigenerational doodles) and not just placing two dogs together with a large size difference and not being able to guess adult weights as well. Also, some vets say it's healthier on their structure to do it slowly. We also spend hundreds of dollars performing genetic health testing before we ever breed them so that they are sure to produce healthy puppies. There is also a high demand for these types of puppies and their litter sizes tend to be much smaller.

Do you ever sell breeding rights with your puppies?

All of our puppies are sold as "pets only". Meaning, every customer signs a contract stating they will spay/neuter their dog within a certain time period.


What will be included with my puppy?

Your puppy will come  up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, examined by a licensed vet to ensure your puppy is healthy, a puppy starter package including a bag of puppy food, a blanket smelling like litter mates and mom and likely something we decide to throw in because we think it's cute. **NEW - each puppy is also now being sent home with their very own Snuggle Puppy to help transition being away from litter mates!!

What programs do you incorporate in raising the puppies?

We draw from two curriculums, "Puppy Culture" and "Badass Breeder" (don't tell my kids I said that word). Meaning, there is a lot of hands on work with the puppies daily including ENS, handling, recording, introducing new scenarios/items and training (potty/crate/commands).


Which gender is better for a family?

I get this question a lot and honestly it comes down to personal preference for gender because both are excellent loving family dogs when it comes to goldendoodles. By nature they are gentle and affectionate dogs with easy going temperaments which make them a great choice for families. They love to be included in whatever is going on and are so incredibly smart which makes training them so much easier than many other breeds! SO my answer to anyone who asks me is just can't go wrong!! When you hear others talk about the "cons" of either gender (possible "marking" for boys or moodiness for girls) those cons tend to go away when they are spayed/neutered since they are mostly hormone driven.

Do you have any puppy training programs that you recommend to help us prepare for our new puppy? 

Yes!! We recently partnered with a fabulous online puppy training program called Baxter & Bella. I love this program so much! They have amazing videos and podcasts and even offer one on one support for any help you need training your new puppy! Please click on to learn more. If interested in the lifetime member program enter discount code REDBARNMISSIONFARM to get 25% off! Please let me know if you have any questions about this amazing AND affordable program. I am not a fan of pushing products on people- but this is one I am comfortable recommending to future puppy owners. A well trained dog makes all the difference.

What happens if I can't pick up my puppy on pick up day?

I try to do my very best to work with people and their different schedules when it comes to picking up your new puppy. After puppies are born I will send out the designated pick up week so that people can begin planning accordingly. If you can not pick up your puppy on during that time I will give you a 3 day grace period, after which if you still are unable to pick them up there will be a $30/day boarding charge. 


What can I expect on puppy selection day?

Puppy selection is done between 6-7 weeks old. I believe this is a great time - families can begin to plan and prepare for their new addition, puppy personalities are out in full, sizing is shown and coat characteristics begin to show (wavy vs curly). However puppies are still very young and not immune to diseases such as parvo, giardia, coccidia, etc. Because of this we will do puppy picks via messaging or Facetime. During the weeks prior we try to post often for you to get to "know" the puppies and of course I'm available to answer personality/sizing or other questions for you to help guide you. 


Do you offer any guarantees other than the 1 year genetic health guarantee?

There are a lot of variations when it comes to breeding dogs! We are confident in our program. With that said it is impossible to guarantee exact sizes, coats or temperaments of puppies. We do our very best to guide you towards the puppy of your preference! 


Do you recommend a specific food for our puppies?

I have spent hours researching nutrition and dogs! I have not zeroed in on a specific product to fully endorse yet - but highly recommend you find a food that offers 30% crude protein and 20% crude fat (as close to those numbers as you can) for a growing puppy! I will update this more later as things often change, but for now my puppies are introduced to Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy - chicken and rice formula. This offers 32% crude protein and 22% crude fat and has a great ingredient list.

Tell me about your guardian program!

I love breeding dogs! Yet I love my dogs even more. They are our pets (and sometimes my sanity!)and their well being and happiness is always our top priority, Obviously dogs have a limit on the number of litters that it is safe for them to have - so as a breeder this presents a problem. How do you continue a breeding business without owning several dogs? This is where our guardian program comes in! Details here

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