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Let me guess.....the whole "Free Puppy" thing made you click right? Well. It's. TRUE!

Our Guardian Program is where we share a temporary-joint-custody gig with you. As we grow our breeding program we will be purchasing/breeding dogs to use as future parents. BUT we already have three dogs in our home and we believe every dog needs extra attention and love. To this end, we will occasionally place the "pick of the litter" pups in forever homes (with YOU) while WE retain the breeding rights. 

This means the dog will stay in YOUR home and ultimately be YOUR family dog. 

The Guardian Program is a GREAT deal with guardian parents getting a BEAUTIFUL puppy for free. It is also ideal for us to produce an exceptional breeding program where every dog gets a lot of love an attention while also expanding the program. It's a WIN-WIN for both sides!


-when your female is in heat (and of they will have a few heat cycles before old enough to breed) your dog will come back to Red Barn Mission Farm for breeding and then return to you.

-Red Barn Mission Farm will pay for all breeding expenses and appointments.

-Then a week before she is due your dog will come and live with us through having her puppies and then ultimately weaning them. (think 6-7 vacation for you maybe? Free dog-sitter? ha!)

-Each female could be bred up to 4 times. This will all depend on the dog's health and how she responds to pregnancy and heals from them. Making this decision will be up to Red Barn Mission Farm, but the dog's health will be the top priority always.

-After her last litter Red Barn Mission Farm will pay to have her spayed and the dog will forever be yours.


-pay for normal expenses of food, medical visits (that are non-breeding related), vaccinations, grooming, flea/tick prevention, de-worming & heartworm medicine.

(basically things you would do for your own dog anyway)

-agree to the terms of the contract.

-be a home owner and live within 60 miles of us

-socialize, train (obedience classes are a good idea) and crate-train the puppy. We don't want her unhappy when she has to live with us although we will give AMPLE amounts of love.

-not have another un-neutered dog living with you or around the dog. (Fenced in yard for sure when she's in heat)

-feed approved dogfood 

-MUST inform us anytime she starts her heat cycle


-provide the puppy to you free of cost

-pay for all breeding-related medical visits/costs

-pay to have her spayed after she is done breeding

If you think you would interested in the Guardian Program Contact Us Here!

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