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This is us...... so by way of introduction my husband and I moved (back) to South Carolina with our ten kids. (Yes they are all ours and we own a TV.... sheesh #nosyWalmartshoppers) Having lived in 12 houses with neighbors basically able to touch our house from theirs we decided it was time to have some space. We found a house with 12 acres and a run down barn and we thought *fist pump*, this is it.
With no pets, and allergies to dogs and farm animals the most logical thing to do was get some goats. The goat conversation started with “how are we gonna keep that pasture mowed?” “How much is a tractor?” (Looks up price) “Well goats are cheaper so let’s go with that”. We found these three gorgeous Nigerian Dwarf goats and assigned each of them to a child of ours. A kid for a kid kind of thing 😃 
Our kids have also begged for a dog since basically the 1820s but my husband and I have allergies. I fell in love with the idea of goldendoodles (for many reasons). But STILL not a good enough reason to get another living being to feed and potty train. Then my husband came up with the mission-plan.
Many of our kids will be going on a mission for over a year upon graduation of high school and it costs $. Everything worth anything takes hard work to value it. We’ve always wanted our kids to pay for their missions.  BUT *plot twist* what IF we get doodles (and goats), assigned each one to one of our kids and breed the goldendoodles! Then sell their kids/puppies and put $ towards their mission funds. BUT (and it’s a another big BUT) THEY would have to be the ones to train them, get up at nights with them, feed them, build an electric fence for them (goats), let them out every morning, clean up after them etc. So our kids put the work in, get the animals they’ve been begging for and then get their missions paid for that way. 
NOW, according to my husband, these dogs have purpose! 😂 (anti-pet person who now snuggles dogs on the couch)

We also contribute puppy sale money to other mission funds and that has been satisfying for us all as we decide that as a family.
So here we are, having no clue what we are doing but loving this adventure with our children, puppies, goats, pigs, ostriches, chickens, Black Angus steers and 🤞🏻other animals in the future.

Thanks for stopping by!


Red Barn Mission Farm About Us
Red Barn Mission Farm mini goldendoodle puppy
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