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We have 3 beautiful F1b mini goldendoodles that live with us. 2 girls and 1 boy. Each of the dogs belong to our 3 older boys and are the most companionable dogs. With dog allergies in the family this breed has been perfect for us! The little to NO shedding is a plus for ANY house!  (A large collective cheer from moms everywhere!) 

We also have 5 F1b mini goldendoodles that live with Guardian Families. All of the "Moms and Dads" can be found here.

Goldendoodles love to run, snuggle, lick and keep anyone company. They also are a VERY family-friendly breed which is obviously what attracted us to it to begin with! Goldendoodles are also very popular service animals since they are naturally so smart and can pick up easily on commands. Just do ANY search online or talk to someone with a goldendoodle and they will confirm all their positive traits.

We picked "mini" on purpose. Our dogs are all under 20lbs and easy to transport and snuggle up with! 

Head over here to see if there are any available puppies!

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