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If you had an investment opportunity with the chance of doubling your money, would you take it?Have you ever wanted to breed goldendoodles but didn't have the funds to start? 

Here's something that might interest you.......

Goldendoodles + Breeding Rights = small risk to you

It's no secret that mini goldendoodles are easy sells. They are the perfect pet! (no shedding, great temperament, great size, less allergy issues) All breeders I know have a waitlist for puppies! Yet ANOTHER secret is these puppies are NOT cheap. However THIS fact could be good for YOU!

What we offer

  • A breeding pair (male and female) for $1000/dog

The price of these mini goldendoodles is basically the cost to "buy into"  this franchise opportunity. Just like any other franchise there is a payment to show serious intent.

Mini goldendoodles can go from anywhere from $2500-$4000. Add breeding rights from many breeders and it can be well over that. So our program is extremely discounted.

What we expect in return

While raising puppies is enjoyable, messy at times, and takes some work, there is DEFINITELY money to be made. Often, problem is WHERE to buy dogs with breeding rights, WHEN will some be available and HOW to afford their cost. 

With these problems out of the way and with a minimal investment, YOU are setting yourself up for a worthwhile investment.  

you agree to pay $12,000 to Red Barn Mission Farm over the course of the first two litters.


Not only do you get two wonderful pets but one day you can breed these hot commodoties.

1st Litter

They average 4-7 puppies. At the low end, your female has 4 puppies and (for example) you sell them for $2500. That equals $10,000. You choose to pay back $6,000 (of the $12,000 owed) and still have $4,000

2nd litter

Your female again has puppies and more than likely has at least 4 puppies. Again that could be $10,000. Pay back the last $6,000 and whatever is left if yours. All obligations met on your investment.

Other Litters

Most females have 4+ litters. Imagine that any other litter at this point is money you get to keep.

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